LES DELICES DE PRISCILLE is a French bakery specialized in French cakes and cream puffs located in Martinez, California. The word “Délices” means delights, joy and “Priscille” comes from the owner’s name of Priscilla. The pastries are created fresh when orders are received by owner Priscilla Breka. The word “Délices” means delights, joy and “Priscille” comes from the owner’s name of Priscilla.


When I was in high school, my mother was a baker for small businesses in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

I helped her in the kitchen since I was 13 years. My baking inspiration comes from my mother’s skills and it was then I realized I wanted to be a sugar connoisseur. My passion to have my own business began when I started selling homemade cupcakes at my son’s school festivals…and shortly thereafter received orders by the dozen. I bake delicious French style cakes to share my love of baking. To taste the sweetness of my passion, you can order here online, call or book your catering.

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Prices vary according to the flavors and the size of the cake. Minimum price for a regular cake is $20.00.

Cream Puff is $2.5 each

Mini Cupcake is $0.60 each

Vanilla, chocolate, mocha, coffee, orange, lemon, strawberry, vanilla-bourbon, vanilla-caramel, praline, mint, almond, maple.

This cake chart is for number of pieces and pricing purposes only.

If you would like a customized cake, please email or call us at:

Email: delicesdepriscille@gmail.com

Phone: +1 916-627-1244

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you take your time to call us for your order, we take great pleasure in preparing your request and serving you as soon as possible.

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